Local Citation Submission

Local Citation Submissions in Nashville
A local citation is any mention of your business on the web; it is any combination of your company name, phone number, address, zip or postal code, and website address. Citations in SEO are a key factor in improving your local search results. The value in a citation is the mention of your business. Google identifies that your business was mentioned through the presence of your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) info, and you get credit for this mention. The more mentions of your business out on the web, the more prominent your business appears to Google, and this will help with your local rankings.

We will submit your name, address, phone and website to all the relevant local directory listings for each market giving maximum exposure on the internet.

Automatic News/Blog (Active SEO)

Active SEO in Nashville
The Problem
Page one in search engines is getting harder and harder with markets becoming more and more saturated. Typical methods for organic search engine optimizing (SEO) are falling short. The most important way to beat your competition is by having more unique pages with the relevant keywords in context. This is done through blogs or news sections. You have two choices, post yourself or pay someone a premium to post for you. Since you don't know how to effectively write news or blogs for keyword optimization, nor do you have the time you're probably not running a blogging business, that leaves you out. The second option is by using other web design and marketing companies that usually charge $30-50 per post or a few hundred a month to have a professional write unique articles for you. This can be very costly and still isnt any different than what the other guys on page one are already doing, so how would you ever beat them?

The Solution
Well we have a third option we call 'Active SEO'. It's simple, we take articles legally from other related blogs and news sources around the internet, make them unique and repost them to your website. This is done on a weekly or daily basis depending on your needs. We can credit the original source or change the sources business name, phone, email, address etc to your business information. With that and a few other tweaks you are guaranteed to beat your competition in your desired keyword searches. Depends on how saturated your market is to how fast it happens but its only a matter of time before you are page one, number one.

Look Alive
With active content coming in on a regular basis you also give your business an alive feeling. Where websites that have blogs or news they dont update look dead and raise questions like, "are they still in business?" Let us keep your image to your potential clients alive and well.

To really blow your competitions chances of beating you out the water we go much further then just automated page content. Google also factors in how many other pages on the internet are linking to your website. So we have a keyword optimized link to your website on every single page of every website we have in our portfolio. With many of them using Active SEO they also have new pages coming in regularly giving your website more and more backlinks that Google loves. Page one here we come!

Google Maps

google Maps SEO in Nashville
Google maps is one of your most important advertising platforms

The first place most of us go to any local service is google. The first results shown are the top 3 map results for companies near you. Most of your customers will choose one of the three, and usually do this based on reviews and rating.

How do we ensure you get there and have good reviews?

That is where the ‘Active SEO’ machine we setup comes in again to give Google more reason to rank you higher because you have more pages with relevant content. We also have backlinks on thousands of websites with over a million pages, each linking to your website.

We make sure you are using efficient methods for gaining more reviews by giving incentives to customers before you leave. The more reviews the more likely they are to call and the higher you are ranked in the map results.

So you want your business to fail? Of course not! Don't wait for it to be too late. We'll get you cash flow and customers fast, you just do what you do best.
-Andy Kauffman, Founder & Lead Designer

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